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Natural Deodorant Reviews from a Big Stinky Guy

About a month ago I finally decided to really give natural deodorants a try. Like most I’m concerned about all the side effects linked to the chemical based deodorants  (such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s). The problem is that I am a big stinky guy. The last few times I tried natural deodorants I got a rash and real funky. This time around I decided to really stick with a few of the major natural brands, and I even made my own (recipe after the jump).

For the record I only tried deodorants and not anti-perspirants. Your body needs to sweat to help detox, so let it do it’s thing. You’ll even notice no more pit stains if you stick with it. Notice I said stains and not wetness rings. Everyone is different and you may have different experiences if you try these brands. I’m not here to tell you what to use, I am just going to give you my experiences and let you decide for yourself.

First up was the most popular natural

brand, Tom’s. I used their “24 Hour Odor Protection” with a mountain spring scent. The first day seemed to be fine, although I definitely started to notice a funk by the end of the day. By day two I noticed some redness under my arms and a little less funk. By day three I had a painful rash. I had heard a rash is common from the detox so I kept with it and reapplied once a day. By the end of the week my rash had gotten a little better but never went away. I will note that if I didn’t reapply throughout the day I would start to smell.
Pros: Easy to apply, no white residue. Inexpensive and easy to find compared to other brands. About $5.99 per 2.25 oz

Cons: Had to reapply to prevent odor, gave me a rash.

In between deodorants exchanges I used talcum powder to get rid of the rash. It was pretty nasty, and I didn’t want to test another deodorant without getting rid of it.

The second deodorant I tried was Schmidt’s “Bergamot and Lime” scented deodorant. You can get it in a stick or a little tub with a small applicator. I tried both. I really liked the scent. It kept me smelling fresh all day, and I didn’t get any form of rash. The downfall is that it is hard to apply even in stick form. The deodorant melts as it hits your skin, but if you don’t time it right it will flake and cause a bit of a mess. I did learn to master the application after a bit of trial and error.

Pros: Nice scent, no odor, no replication

Cons: You have to use your hands to apply even with the stick or applicator. Runs out quickly. Expensive at about $9.99 per 2oz

I ran out of the stick quickly because of the learning curve for application and was traveling so I had to switch back to Tom’s for a stint. I will note that within a day my rash returned.

Nourish Organic was the third deodorant I tried. I used the scent “Lavender and Mint” which was very nice. This deodorant left me fresh smelling all day, and I wash rash free. However it is harder to find than Tom’s and much more expensive as it goes for $9.99 per 2.5 oz (I am guessing here because it doesn’t say weight on the

packaging but feels heavier than other sticks). The other thing I didn’t like was it left my armpits feeling sticky all day long. When I say sticky, I mean it felt like I put honey under my arms. I tried but I couldn’t get used to the feeling.

Pros: All organic, nice scent, lasting deodorant, easy to apply

Cons: Sticky feeling, expensive

The final brand name deodorant I tried was called Kiss My Face “Active Life”. It had s nice clean scent and didn’t need replication. It was relatively inexpensive at $5.99 per 2.48oz. It was easy to apply, but I did find that I needed to reapply throughout the day or Dr. Funkenstein would show up. Also, my old friend underarm rash came back.

Pros: Nice clean scent, easy to apply, inexpensive

Cons: Need to reapply, gave me a rash

After spending about $30 in one month on deodorant I decided to try my hand at making one myself. Before I get to the recipe let me tell you how it worked. First, it is in a small tub with the consistency of butter. I used my hands for application. The scent was fantastic since I got to make it to my own liking. I used Patchouli, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang. It was

incredibly inexpensive once you get the ingredients (assuming you break it down per batch). I found that I smelled fresh all day long. Also, because I control the ingredient ratio I could make it for my more sensitive skin. For me personally it was so easy to make, and worked so well, I will most likely not buy another store bought deodorant except for traveling, in which case I will buy Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime.

Here is the recipe (I used organic ingredients except for the essential oils):

  • 6 tblspns Coconut Oil
  • 4 tblspns Baking Soda 
  • 6 tblspns Corn Starch
  • 20 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
  • 20 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • 40 drops Bergamont Essential Oil

Mix the ingredients together until it is a paste like consistency. I warmed up the coconut oil to make it easier to mix. Let it sit for a while and it will harden to be a butter like consistency.

Pros: Inexpensive after initial ingredient purchase, smells great, no need to reapply, no rash, easy to make

Cons: Have to apply with hands, buying all the ingredient up front is expensive, have to make yourself

Like I said, everyone is different so your experiences may vary. I have more sensitive skin and sweat a lot. If you are like me, than I hope this review helps you make a choice to ditch all if those unnecessary chemicals you are clogging your pores with. I honestly feel that when it comes to coating your skin with chemicals so close to your lymph nodes, it is common sense to err on the side of caution. It’s just not worth the potential health risks!

All in all, my favorite store bought brand was Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime, but I’ll definitely stick with my home made deodorant for now.

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