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A Random Act of Kindness at the Drive Thru

Anderson - Circa October 2016: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Fast Food Restaurant. Popeyes is known for its Cajun Style Fried Chicken III

At a Popeye’s drive-thru in Missouri, Don Carter overheard an employee state that she wanted to go to nursing school but needed to save more money. When he got home he thought, “Why don’t I just pay for her to go to school?” He put his experience on Facebook and a friend suggested he use GoFundMe to get started. In a week Don had raised $15,000.

Read the full story here.

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I use to be miserable but now I'm dedicated to the art of empowering myself and others to believe that they deserve to be happy, respected, and loved. In the end I'm hoping to create a little bit of good. With the help of of everyone who participates in HashtagHappyInc, our little bits of good will add up to radical change!

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Happiness should be wherever you are.

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Happiness should be wherever you are.

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