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The True Meaning of Sportsmanship

LONDON - APRIL 23, 2017: Athletes run in the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 23, 2017 in Isle of Dogs.

Matthew Rees, a participant in the London Marathon, saw another runner who’s legs were collapsing underneath him. At first Matthew tried to encourage fellow runner, David Wyeth, to continue and finish the race, but after realizing that David could not stay to his feet on his own, Matthew grabbed David and walked with him to the finish line. Read the full story by clicking here.


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First time dad in a second time marriage. I am fulfilled and sometimes nearly broken by, William, my amazing 2 year old son, my pit bill-lab-plot hound mix, June Bug, and my very energetic and clever Blue Heeled pup named Otis. Lucky for me I have a tremendous partner in Ingrid, who always has my back. We are the Salyer’s and this is my guide. Just one dad muddling through. #1Dad

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Just another dad giving unsolicited advice.


Happiness should be wherever you are.

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Happiness should be wherever you are.

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